Lifestyle Furniture – Buying Guide Complete (2020)

Do you want to refurbish or add some new furniture to your home? Well you’ve come to the right place. We’ve boiled down all the essentials for an amazing furnishing of your home and office, and found some amazing deals for you! The furniture in the article is a combination of incredible lifestyle furniture design, high quality production and affordable prices.

Best Desk Lamps

Choosing a new desk lamp at first seems like an easy thing to do, but it isn’t always the case. A desk lamp needs to provide the appropriate illumination for your desk, taking into consideration the different factors involved. What is the task you will primarily be doing at your desk? Are you working on the computer? Are you writing in a notebook? Are you reading?

Finding the right desk lamp is a combination of the correct lighting, practicality and space, and design decoration. Let’s face it, we want a desk lamp that will keep the lifestyle furniture design of the room, and that looks great! Since there are so many options and different variables for desk lamps, we’ll go over our top picks for different possible use cases.

TaoTronics White Wood Grain LED Desk

This incredible modern LED desk lamp has two USB charging ports, and comes in 4 different colors. It can tilt the head up to 135 degrees, and can swivel 90 degrees. This desk lamp offers a great flexibility of design, and functionality.

Tomons Swing Arm Desk Lamp

This wooden swing desk lamp has a rustic yet modern design to it. This type of desk lamp is ideal for an office, reading room, or college dorm. It comes in black and white colors.

Light Society Vintage Black Retro Desk Lamp

Vintage looking desk lights like this can bring a mid-century style to your work space, as well as living room side table. The lamp shade can swivel, giving you maximum convenience. It comes in black, blue, green, white and mustard yellow colors.

Best Standing Floor Lamps

Similarly to desk lamps, finding the right standing lamp illumination can be tricky. Standing floor lamps are simply lamps with a sturdy base set on the floor, that are usually meant to illuminate rooms, or sections of a room. Typically, ambient lights are supposed to give a general sense of lighting to a room, and they tend to have diffused and indirect light.

Another popular type of floor lamp is a reading floor lamp. These kinds of lamps tend to have a much more concentrated illumination and can be much smaller in size. Warm LED lights can be great for this purpose, as they shine very direct light while keeping the ambience of the room.

Arc lamps tend to be amongst the most flexible types of floor lamps out there. They provide so much versatility in terms of how you can position them, and consequently for what purpose they can act. Their flexible stand allows you to change the angle, position, and diffusion of the light.

LEPOWER Wood Tripod Floor Lamp

This high quality lamp has a sturdy design thanks to its wooden tripod structure. It fits into modern architecture and decor and has an on/off switch at the cord of the lamp. It comes in Brown and Walnut tripod base colors.

Simple Designs Home Floor Lamp

The design of this lamp is more traditional, and comes with two lamps. The top lamp can be used to give general ambient lighting to the room, and the smaller lamp can be used as a reading lamp. It comes in in black and white colors.

Versanora Arquer 66.93″ Modern Arc Lamp

One of our personal favorites, this beautiful modern arc floor lamp will surely fit in incredibly well into any of your rooms. This is almost a beautiful piece of decoration. The arcing light is designed with smooth curves and mid-century style. It comes in black, brass, and chrome, among other colors.

Best Chairs

Most of the time we spend at home, we spend it sitting down. Sitting down in a chair reading, eating or working. It is so important to have great comfortable chairs at home, as this will allow you to have great comfort at home.

So when choosing a chair, we have to consider the purpose we want it to have. Will it be an office desk chair, a dining table chair, or more of a living room flexible use chair. The different factors that will influence your buying choice will be the ergonomic design of the chair, wheels, hand rests and other prominent features in chairs.

Contemporary Indoor Muted Fabric Arm Chair

Contemporary chairs like this one is just beautiful to have at home. The wood frame for the legs are in a light brown finish. Not only does it look super comfortable, it’s also a pleasure to the eye!

Office Ergonomic Desk Chair

Having a good office chair like this one is indespensable for an ergonomic work environment. The adjustability of this chair is perfect for people that need a custom fitting, and it has great reviews detailing its comfort and quality. Especially if you’re working from home, this might be a great chair for you.

Modern Chair with Wooden Walnut Legs

This incredible chair is a solid chair to have in any place. They are so comfortable to sit in, whether it is in a dining area or in the living room. The design is futuristic and modern, and it comes in several beautiful colors.

Best Dining Tables

We spend so much time eating and enjoying meals with our families and friends during our lifetime. When choosing a dining table, we want to make sure that it is of great quality and keeps the lifestyle furniture design of the room, typically the kitchen or dining area. Great dining tables are robust, have the appropriate height, and are easily cleanable.

When choosing a dining table, we should take into consideration the dimensions of the room, the material we want to choose and consider the conditions in which it will be used. Another huge factor is the shape of the dining table, as we can choose square, rectangular or circular dining tables. All these factors will end up influencing your choice.

Zinus Jen Mid-Century Modern Wood Dining Table

This pine wood dining table is one of our favorites due to its light wood color and simple design. It has rounded cornered details and is easily assmebled in a few minutes.

Kimonte Rectangular Dining Room Table

This contemporary dining table is totally sleek and sophisticated. It’s a perfect addition to your home as a dining table or as a decorative table to put some flowers on it. It’s great for small space and has easy assembly.

Best Couches

Our favorite spot to spend time at home! Getting a comfortable couch is one of the most important lifestyle furniture decisions at home. We want to make sure to get a couch that is comfortable to our liking and that serves the purpose we will use it for.

Do you usually lay down to watch TV on the couch? Then you might want an L-shaped couch for comfort. Or perhaps you’d like a more functional couch with storage space, or even with a pull-out bed for guests coming over.

HONBAY L-Shaped Sofa Couch

Our favorite couch is the L-Shaped couch as it provides so much comfort, both in the design and dimensions, but also the fabric used. It comes in dark grey, light grey, and beige. We love this!

DHP Futon Mattress

This futon comes with quality foam and polyester layering for optimal comfort. Its simple design and variety of colors makes it a great fit for any living room.

Best Lifestyle Furniture Decoration

While lifestyle furniture decoration can certainly be an overwhelming task at first, it’s also certainly the most fun. Adding decoration in your home or your office is where you can add your personality in your environment. Decorating doesn’t mean you have to fill every inch of the room with art, or other decorative objects. Instead, it serves as a creative outlet and opportunity to choose the personality and vibe of your home.

LOCHAS Ultra Soft Indoor Modern Area Rug

Having a cozy rug like this one can be a huge plus to the decoration and comfort of your home. This could easily go into the living room, and with its decorative colors you could brighten up any space!

Minimalist Line Art Prints Set of 4 By Carefree Bee

Sometimes all you need is some minimalist art to give some personality to your room. These beautiful prints are simple, but change the feeling of a room in an instant.

Lava The Original Silver Base Lamp

Who doesn’t love a lava lamp! These awesome lights have entertained people and decorated rooms for decorations. The best part is you can choose from the different colors.

Modern Wall Hanging Shelf Wood Plant Holder

Sometimes you have something you want to hang up a little differently! This creative hanging shelf can be perfect to hang a small object or a small plant. It brightens up the room to have different decoration holders.

If you need some design inspiration, check out this video of a living room apartment makeover! It will surely give you some ideas for your interior design.

FAQ’s Lifestyle Furniture

What is lifestyle furniture?

Lifestyle furniture is furniture that is catered to your style, personality and taste. It is furniture that serves a purpose to your lifestyle, no matter what it is. We’re tired of seeing one-size fits all cookie cutter approach furniture, and instead we decide to personalize the furniture based on our lifestyle.

What lifestyles can have lifestyle furniture?

All lifestyles. Whether you’re a family with kids looking for comfortable kids-friendly furniture for the kids to play around in, or you’re single looking for a modern approach, there’s furniture for every lifestyle. 

Best way to improve the design of my office?

The easiest way of improving the design of your office is organization and a bit of lifestyle decoration. Let’s face it, your office probably has papers flying around everywhere, and has stacks of stuff on your desk. Our advice is to get a simple cupboard to remove all the stuff from your desk, and move it to the cupboard. Organization will go a long way in making the office have a little more space.

Once you’ve done that, invest in a decent desk lamp that you like, and that provides the appropriate illumination. For a guide in desk lamps, see our Best Desk Lamps section. Lastly, add some light decoration on the walls to give your office some life and personality. Pro tip: A plant will help make the room more colorful!

Best way to improve my living room?

Similarly to your office, you will most likely have a ton of stuff laying around everywhere. Again, the key to improve any room is first to organize and get rid of non-essential things in the room. For inspiration, take a look at Marie Kondo’s tidying up videos! Once we’ve done that, let’s analyze, what pieces of furniture do you absolutely love and which are a waste of space? Get rid of everything non-essential.

Adding a beautiful rug, some light art decorations on the wall and a lifestyle furniture couch, will go a long way to improving the interior design of your living room!

Where to get lifestyle furniture?

You can easily get high quality and inexpensive lifestyle furniture online on Amazon or Ikea. They have a wide range of offers, and reading people’s reviews online always helps with the buying decisions. Keep the measurements into consideration and you’re set!

Is lifestyle furniture expensive?

Not necessarily. A lot of furniture can be extremely expensive, especially big luxury branded furniture. Let’s be honest, no one really needs a $100,000 couch, a $400 sofa from Amazon will probably do the job just fine and you will have plenty of options to pick from.

So no, lifestyle furniture can be relatively cheap if you find the right places to find them. Luckily for you we’ve added several high quality and cheap products in the sections above.Thanks for reading! If you’d like to check out other articles, make sure to check out more of our Lifestyler Radar articles!

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