Top Reasons to Have Plants at Home

When you walk into someone’s home and it just feels a little bland and lacking life, often it can be a result of a lack of plants. Plants not only bring life and energy to a home, but they also connect you closer to nature and have a ton of health benefits.

Here are the top reasons to have plants are home:

  1. Stress Relief – Are you highly stressed at work? Studies have proved that plants help relieve fatigue and stress. This can lead to more productivity and less anxiety!
  2. Air Purification – Plants naturally absorb CO2 and give off Oxygen. Plants can cleanse other toxic chemicals found in your homes such as the chemicals in your paint or greenhouse gases.
  3. Produce – Depending on the plants, you can actually collect produce! You could easily grow tomatoes, avocados or lemons at home, and they would bear fruit within a period of time.

There are plenty of other reasons to have plants at home, why do you have plants? Let us know in the comments below!

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